Monday, April 11, 2011

Museum of Moving Image

I've never heard of the museum of moving image but was thrilled I got to go. It was interesting to see all of the cameras that were used awhile back. I've realized I never really put much thought into how film changed throughout the years and how much effort is put into making a film. The sound editing was really interesting as well because often times I watch film and just assume that the camera is picking up on the sounds but never noticed the other stuff being used. For example, I listened to a Simpson's episode where Lisa was taking a test in the classroom, then they showed each que that had to go into making sounds during that scene. When Lisa used her eraser and then when she gazed at the clock, there had to be those sounds added in to make it authentic. I also loved the wall dedicated to all of the great actors throughout Hollywood and it had a sign that said how acting changed throughout the years and it did. I also think that many people that love film only think about the effort the crew puts into making a film but not the actors. For something to be believable you need good actors to portray authentic emotion to make a film whole. Acting has changed and got more and more subtle because of the use of the camera (close-ups) where years ago actors had to be more dramatic to catch a specific emotion. In film, everyone needs everyone equally in order to make a film brilliant and you can't do one thing without the other.

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